Deb Clifford

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My mission, and the purpose of Inspired Church, is to utilize my God-given gifts and talents; my years of experience working with leaders, teams and organizations; along with the power, strength and love of the Lord to enable church organizations to become strong, vibrant and inspired.”

Deb Clifford, founder of Inspired Church, is a talented, experienced facilitator, coach, teacher and speaker with an extensive background in business, communication and human resources. Her specialization is in organization, team and leadership development. She currently works as an Organization Development practitioner in a large insurance organization.

Deb’s home church is Simsbury United Methodist where she has been an active member for over 30 years. Her faith is foundational to how she conducts her life. Deb has served as a church leader in roles such as Lay leader, Director of Adult Education, Youth minister and Director of Worship. She is a Eucharistic minister, a Lay speaker and currently serves as chair of the Church Council.