• “Thank you for leading the workshop on Saturday. You certainly inspired me and I am excited about putting my learning into practice!

    God has given you a gift. I appreciate you being so willing to share your talents and gifts with us. I pray that God will continue to use you to make a difference and inspire people in their lives to do the same!”

  • “I want you to know how much I appreciated the presentation you gave this past Saturday.

    As I said out the outset, I was skeptical about its value, since I have been to many workshops which purport to be the latest “magic bullet” for saving our churches from extinction. But true leadership never goes out of style.

    I appreciated it was interactive. We were not passive recipients of information. Your response to comments and questions showed your interest in us, enthusiasm for your subject, and quick — thinking on your feet.

    Thank you for making yourself available to us. Your ministry is important.”

  • “As a former business executive I have participated in more than my fair share of executive coaching & leadership training. Today’s presentation was a) not a waste of time, b) insightful & educational, c) ministry transformative, d) a real blessing, e) an abundant use of God’s gift to the world that is you, or f) all of the above. Obviously, “f” – all of the above. I applaud you for finding a very creative way to use your gifts in ministry – by making better pastors of us today and positively influencing our current and future.

    I am always willing to listen to Ken’s ideas about seminars and such because he always promises it will be worth the time spent. I will say – it exceeded my expectations. I have no idea where to begin but will start with prayer and let God lead from there. I have no doubt this will continue God’s transformation of my leadership style and the leaders in the church I serve.

    Thank you for your stewardship and faithful service to God’s glory.”