Workshops & Services

  • This intensive one-day workshop is based on the award-winning book, The Leadership Challenge by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner. The program is highly interactive and stimulating. It combines self-awareness, reflection, group exercises, dialogue and development planning.

    As a result of this program, pastors will be better able to:

    • Recognize their leadership strengths and plan actions to improve
    • Lead by inspiring others to share a common vision
    • Seize opportunities and find innovative ways to change, grow and improve
    • Foster collaboration by promoting cooperative goals and building trust
    • Strengthen the determination of people to succeed
    • Increase ways to recognize accomplishments
    • Support each other as leaders
  • Coaching increases the potential for long-term behavior change. A pastor is called to be an equipper of leaders (Ephesians 4:12). Pastors who coach mobilize others to do the work of ministry. Pastor as Coach is an intensive one-day workshop.

    As a result of this program, pastors will be better able to:

    • Describe the role of coach within the context of leading the local church
    • Understand the benefits of coaching for self, others and the church
    • Identify and practice the five core coaching skills
    • Understand the three main coaching conversations
    • Integrate the coaching skills into role play using typical church scenarios
    • Receive feedback in a safe and supportive workshop environment
    • Establish goals to improve coaching skills and increase the frequency of coaching
  • Author Jorge Acevedo states “vigorous vitality is the hope and dreams of God for every church in every place. There are conditions under which this kind of vitality is not only a possibility but a reality”. This intensive one-day workshop is designed for pastors and key lay leaders to analyze and evaluate their church vitality in order to design a strategy to build upon strengths and shore up opportunities for improvement.

    As a result of this program, pastors and their lay leaders will be better able to:

    • Understand the findings from the Vital Congregations Research
    • Describe the five major pillars of a Vital Church
    • Evaluate their church using the sixteen elements
    • Use a simple, effective thinking process to produce a focused, and mindfully involved strategy for their church
    • Commit to next steps in order to communicate and involve remaining laity in the strategy

  • Small groups fuel spiritual growth, create community, inspire ministry and assist participants in holding each other accountable to transformative habits and behaviors. Faithful small groups are also a portal to the congregation connecting with people who might not otherwise engage the church. Whether they are a discipleship/study group, a support group, a small ministry team or even an administrative team, the most successful small groups are led by effective leaders who are skilled in facilitating.

    This interactive one-day workshop is intended for small group leaders who want to develop and/or improve their facilitation skills. It will provide fundamental facilitation tools and a structured process that can be applied in a church small group setting.

  • This intensive one-day workshop is based on the book, S.H.A.P.E., Finding & Fulfilling Your Unique Purpose for Life by author Erik Rees. God has designed you individually and uniquely for the purposes He had in mind for you. His desire is for you to flourish both in your life and in His Kingdom enabling both to be strengthened and built up. SHAPE is an acrostic for: S-Spiritual Gift, H-Heart, A-Abilities/talents, P-Personal Style, E-life Experience. Each of these will be gradually unpacked during the workshop. As a result of this day, you will have a better understanding of your value, a direction for what you do and therefore your purpose – the reason you are here on this planet. God puts within our hearts a desire to serve and make a difference. This workshop will help you discern how your SHAPE fits into your purpose and also offers potential opportunities both within Grace and outside Grace.

  • This is a coaching opportunity designed to help persons become healthier and more effective in pastoral leadership. Pastor Coaching Circles use an approach that enables participants to increase both faithfulness and fruitfulness while helping other pastors along the way. This facilitated peer coaching method encourages mutual accountability – one of the hallmarks of the early Methodist movement.

    Participation in a Pastor Coaching Circle includes:

    • Circles meet by phone for group coaching twice per month for four months. The calls last one hour and are facilitated by Deb Clifford.
    • Participants will also as a bonus have the opportunity to receive monthly coaching skills videos for four months.
    • Participants will also receive coaching by another participant in twice per month peer coaching calls. These calls they will also give participants practice coaching, which will hone their skills.
    • A brief devotional time including prayer in the circle meetings will provide some centering and inspiration.
  • Ministry is hard, yet fulfilling. It is exhausting and also meaningful. This is why pastors need to be nurtured with love and grace. As a leader, it is important to take care of yourself and your life while continuously improving your skills. Coaching can help pastors stay faithful and focused as well as master new attitudes and behaviors. Focused one-to-one leadership coaching can make a difference for pastors from all experience levels.

    Coaching services are grounded in the developmental model of assessment, challenge and support, and offer:

    • High quality assessments
    • A commitment to proven leadership development methods
    • Experienced and rigorously trained coach
    • A confidential, safe environment to grow as a leader
  • Need an inspirational speaker that will deliver memorable take-aways? Want a whirlwind workshop to excite laity? Presentations are completely customizable. Clients often request a topic from the list of one-day workshops.

  • Expert consulting is available to analyze, develop, design or support efforts to enable church leadership along the journey to creating a vital church.